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The Taste of Heaven In a Bar

Made from high-quality ingredients and all-natural cocoa, Dune Chocolate comes in mouth-watering variants that bring heaven to your taste buds.  




Looking to satisfy your chocolate cravings with Dune Chocolate in Nigeria? You're in luck! Here are some convenient options for purchasing your favorite Dune Chocolate products:

  1. Online Store - Explore the extensive range of Dune Chocolate offerings conveniently from the comfort of your home through our official online store, Browse through our selection of indulgent chocolates and place your order with ease, enjoying doorstep delivery for ultimate convenience.

  2. Shopping Malls: Visit your local shopping malls, where you'll likely find Dune Chocolate products available in specialty stores or chocolate boutiques. Keep an eye out for dedicated chocolate sections or gourmet food outlets within the mall for a premium shopping experience.

  3. Supermarkets: Dune Chocolate can also be found in many supermarkets across Nigeria. Head to your nearest supermarket and navigate to the confectionery aisle or gourmet food section to discover our range of irresistible chocolate treats. Look for prominent displays or ask the store staff for assistance in locating Dune Chocolate products.

  4. Leading Stores: From specialty food stores to upscale boutiques, leading retail outlets often stock Dune Chocolate for discerning customers seeking premium quality chocolates. Check out well-known stores in your area that specialize in gourmet foods or luxury goods for a delightful shopping experience.

  5. Pharmacy Shops: Some pharmacy shops also carry a selection of Dune Chocolate products, making it convenient to pick up your favorite treats while running errands or picking up prescriptions. Look for dedicated food sections within pharmacies or inquire with the staff about the availability of Dune Chocolate.

No matter where you choose to shop, Dune Chocolate offers a luxurious indulgence that's readily accessible across Nigeria. Treat yourself or surprise your loved ones with the exquisite flavors of Dune Chocolate today!

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Although West Africa is the world’s largest producer of cocoa, the chocolate market here is confronted by many challenges that have caused local cocoa farmers to remain unduly dependent on international buyers who largely determine the market value for their products. On the other hand, importation is highly relied upon to meet local demand.


Our love for delectable chocolates motivated us to explore industry solutions that strengthen the chocolate market in West Africa while creating opportunities for marginalised communities.


This is why we developed an operational model that allows us to engage a large share of the local workforce, creating economic opportunities at the grassroots.


Our strong distribution network also eliminates the storage and transportation troubles of chocolate-importing. With our cold storage points located across Nigeria, consumers of Dune bars enjoy the fresh, wholesome and delicious taste of their favorite chocolate!



We are committed to changing the narrative of the African chocolate industry. For this reason, we hold tightly to some key operational standards that keep us on the right track.

At every stage of our production chain, we endeavour to facilitate grassroots inclusion.

We work directly with local farmers ensuring daily supplying of Dùne chocolate bars.


Our farmers are trained in global best practices of harvesting and processing of Grade 1 Cocoa beans. As they improve the quality of their produce, they are not only increasing their local market value but stand a chance to compete more strongly in the international market. 


We currently work directly with twenty (20) independent cocoa farmers for our Grade 1 Cocoa bean supply.


At these twenty farms, we noticed a few ways we could add value; so, we started our Dùne Clean Cocoa Initiative.

Out of four countries, Nigeria is the third largest cocoa exporter in West Africa. One way to increase the Nigerian cocoa market share is to be more competitive on quality.


Supplying Grade 1 Cocoa isn’t always enough, as other countries can achieve this too. A major problem cocoa farmers face globally is cleanliness and the presence of foreign matter mixed with good otherwise beans.

Cocoa processors end up having to incur additional costs sorting and cleaning beans after delivery.



The Dùne Clean Cocoa Initiative was setup to help Nigerian cocoa farmers sort their beans on clean, elevated surfaces.

Nigerian cocoa farmers traditionally sort beans on the farm floor after fermentation. This sorting method leads to clean Grade 1 beans being contaminated with dirt and foreign matter right before being bagged. Such bad forming practices lead to forced discounted prices for Nigerian cocoa beans – because of the high percentage of waste buyers expect to receive in their jute bags.


We set out to fix this simple problem and significantly increase the value of Nigerian cocoa beans in the export market.




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