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  • Where do you source your cocoa?
    All our cocoa and cocoa butter is farmed and produced in Nigeria.
  • Is Dùne couverture or compound chocolate?
    All Dùne chocolate is 100% couverture chocolate. We do not use cocoa butter substitutes or cocoa replacers. Our products are premium 100% chocolate using cocoa & cocoa butter only.
  • Is Dùne chocolate sustainable?
    Yes! We work directly with local farmers and don’t produce unnecessary waste. Read more here
  • How do I keep my chocolate from melting?
    Store at temperatures between 18 – 20 oC, and at humidity below 55% If you must refrigerate, ensure your chocolate is In an air-tight container first Keep away from direct light
  • Can I use Dùne to bake?
    Yes, you can find many tutorial videos here
  • How is Dùne so affordable?
    Innovation! Our engineering team designs and builds a lot of the machinery critical to chocolate manufacturing in-house.
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